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Canteen vs plastic bottle


Advantages to carry a canteen instead of a plastic bottle: good for the environment, great for your health and more economical.

They are Vedovelle or Green Dragons in Milano, Torin calls them Toret, Rome names them as Noses and in Matera that name is U’fntanin, that’s all about public water fountains.

Fresh water from public fountain in Lombardy

It is sadly wide known that 80% of the ocean pollution is made of plastic, what’s incredible is that 49% of those trash are water bottles!

Using reusable water canteen when we are outdoor is more sustainable and plus we save money , let’s do it more and more.

Avoid plastic bottles to drink because, PET is recyclable oh yes ! BUT the new challange is to replace it with reusable objects.

Let’s stop drinking from plastic bottle when we travel because all of them are made in plastic and lots of them literally “flies” into the sea.

What do you call the water fountains?

Why it’s healthy for the Earth when we adopt reusable canteens?

  • because canteens are handy items that keep water clean without changing its taste
  • they are hygienic because they are easily washable
  • It’s money saving to bring our personal canteen because public water is good and free
  • they significantly reduce the input of plastic into the environment

There are plenty of public fountains out there and it’s wealth knowing where they exactly are .

Where can you find your area’s public fountains ?

Is there public filtred and fresh water dispenser in your zone?

Example of Municipality fresh and cold water for free in Italy

Disposing of a topic map or using an app to find public fountains can make things easier.

Is the so called Water of the Mayor good in Italy?

Yes! In Italy public water is good because it normally comes from deep faults and it is a treasure of minerals good for the health

Borbera’s creek fresh and clean water in Piemonte, Italy

Said that, it makes sense to be fond of using a new canteen and to fill it at public fountains 🙂

What do you call water fountains ? Just fountains, that’s all?

Let us know public fountain’s nicknames of your place, can’t wait knowing them!

Sondra Citterico

Love Sustainability team