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Leaves of good habits for a sustainable stay


Dear host if you are on this site, it is because you are attentive to sustainability issues, to respecting your home and the area in which you live.

On the site you will find various resources that will enable you to improve the way you manage your home, both in terms of its impact on the planet and in terms of saving on consumptions, and to communicate your sustainability to your hosts and to the world.

You can now create your own personalised list of sustainable practices by clicking on the Decalogue button.

You can hang it up in your house or send it to your guests before they arrive.
We are sure you are already doing a lot in this regard

Once you have created your list you will be given leaves with tips you can give to your guests to make their stay more respectful and sustainable. Once you’ve downloaded the leaves you can spread them around the house like kind green memos

If needed, you will find many more leaves and tips on the website that you can download to make your guests aware of how to use your home and your city.

If you would like to experiment with a ready-made leaf kit (in sticker format or made of wood pulp material) visit the Shop section

There are also a number of Love Sustainability branded home gadgets on offer.

You just have to get started!

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Raising awareness of environmental sustainability issues

Make them aware of the real impact generated by proper management of their home


Responding to new trend in sustainable tourist demand

Empower Guests to respect and take care of the house and the area they have choosen as their destination


Be found by travelers seeking sustainable housing.

Use an effective and recognizable communication mode.


If you are a Community Leader, member of a hosting association or a host don’t hesitate to contact us! We have a course, online or in person, for applying the kit and other tips to make you and your community more sustainable


Download free and print leaves for use in your house

Yes clean air

When you change the air for few minutes several time a day you sweep away indoor pollution


Winter thermostat

In winter thermostat setting to 19•C helps the environment


Your Home's Personalized Decalogue

The best practices you use and the guest will find in the home


Save water

The environment thanks you!


Waste sorting

Find the correct box for your waste


Compostable tab

Please use compostable dishes and cutlery or the ones here supplied



The Decalogue is a tool created for the host and is used to communicate to the guest what they are doing in his/her house for a sustainable and respectful hosting. Basically, it is a welcome list of good sustainable practices present in the home.

To communicate your sustainability to the guests and make them aware of your choices. Allows the guest to identify and choose your house for its sustainability characteristics

You can choose up to a max of 12

No, there is no minimum or maximum number of best practices to join our project but for the decalogue you may choose up to a max of 12 practices

Choose ONLY what you actually do and what the guests will find in your home

Print it out and place it in your home in a highly visible place. Also put it in digital format in the gallery of your listing.

As many as you consider applicable in your structure. Each leaf is a call to action that you address to the guests. Choose what represents you and your home and what you want the guests to do in respect of your home, the territory and the Planet.

In the exact place where the guests are asked to perform the action

Placing the decalogue in a visible place in the house, placing the leafs in the house and including photos of the decalogue, leaves and Love Sustainability logo in the gallery of your listing, writing in the description of your ad “this house follows to the Love Sustainability project”.

No, Love Sustainability is a path of growth and awareness for hosts and guests on sustainability issues. By adopting our project you declare your commitment on this issue.

Love Sustainability is a registered logo. You are allowed to insert it digitally in your listing by using the file you receive by email. Any use other than and/or outside the project is forbidden