Love Sustainability


Sunday 27 the Community of Airbnb Abruzzo and Molise hosts met in Pescara at the Museum of the People of Abruzzo whom we thank for the exquisite welcome and hospitality

We talked about good practices of sustainable hospitality in times of energy crisis
Love-sustainability thanks to the participation of Marilena Mucci, member of the Love Sustainability team

We have illustrated the project and the application of the kit

The community present expressed great interest and participation in a theme that involves hosts both in terms of consumption and savings but above all of sustainability

The community of Abbruzzo and Molise with our dear community leader Barbara Cetrullo, thanks us by writing "thank you for moving not only so many people but also so many ideas, stimuli, comparisons, ... those who sow well reap well!"

All this only thanks to Airbnb and the magnificent Love suatainability team