Love Sustainability

What is Sustainability ?


“Meeting the needs of humankind today without compromising the future generations’ opportunity to meet their own needs Tomorrow”

Children are happy in Nature : our must do is having care of Nature now !

The term Sustainability is very trendy  today but  it  originated in the last century from the peaceful struggles of ecologists and campaigns for social justice. In the 2000s all these ideas engendered  the concept of Sustainable Development.

Plastic Free Movement in action

Today’s most famous meaning of sustainability is generally related to environment, but it also includes social equity and economic development.  Why?

  • Environmental Sustainability occurs  when the Earth’s environmental systems are balanced. Natural resources consumed by humankind are restored by the Earth’s ecosystem without damage .
  • Economic  Sustainability occurs  when the world’s  local Communities are independent, with free access to economic and financial resources, and live with dignity  in economic systems where  human activities  and secure sources of subsistence are available to all.
  • Social Sustainability is real when universal human rights and basic needs are guaranteed; people keep themselves, their families and communities healthy and safe . Political leaders in the community ensure respect for human rights, non-discrimination , and access to work and culture.
What can we do now to promote Sustainable Development?

We can do our part with simple and good day-to-day practices.

Because while the bad news is that there are billions of us impacting the environment by wasting its resources, the good news is that when so many of us put more ecological friendly actions into practice we will make the difference.  Our walk on Earth will be more sustainable

Everyone picks up their garbage : the beach is clean

Seeking action to be more sustainable?

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